Montrel, innovation and technology.

For three decades, Montrel has developed and produced equipment that gathers quality with the latest technology available on the market.
We know that innovation and improvement are essential for developing quality solutions, and that is the path we follow.

We offer a line of audiovisual displays and equipment that assist electric utilities in combating losses, such as the line of meter testers. And it does not stop there, we continuously invest in research and development to meet the new demands with excellence.

All this innovation will now be transmitted by our new brand, through a more modern visual identity and aligned with the dynamism that our business requires, reinforcing the attitude and the current moment of our company’s growth.

We innovate not only to meet demand with greater ability, but also, to exceed all expectations of our clients.

Innovation, this is our differential. 


Provide effective solutions to our partners through products that present conscious and sustainable electricity consumption.



Contribute to the development of new technologies, products and solutions, being a reference in equipment linked to the reduction of electricity losses.



Ethics, improvement, quality and competence, to retain our clients, suppliers and employees.



Through the commitment of the leadership and employees, we seek in the development of projects, manufacture and maintenance of electronic equipment:

Provide effective solutions to clients, increasing their satisfaction, through products that help them improve their performance and efficiency;

Develop new and modern technologies, so that it can be a reference in equipment linked to the reduction of losses of electricity;

Gain loyalty of your partners and conquer new ones, maintaining and improving the quality of your products, with competitive prices;

Practice and maintain quality management, meet your requirements, applying continuous improvement in your processes and services;

Maintain a good relationship with your employees, so that they grow together with the company, keeping the work environment pleasant and organized;

Continuously meet regulatory and statutory industry requirements.